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COMB JELLY; Coeloplana meteoris; Lembeh Straits; Sulawesi Sea; Indonesia; Amazing Underwater Photography; Taxonomically; this critter came from the Jelly Fish family Ctenophores; commonly called Comb Jellies; Sea Gooseberries or Crawling Comb Jellies. It got this name because it appears like jelly fish and sea anemones and ctenophores also have nematocysts. The Comb Jelly is a pelagic animal and has two large spherical tentacles. They have some cilia that show vertically like a comb; hence the name "Comb Jelly". The 'jelly' is a reference to Jelly Fish. The cilia of Ctenophores are sticky and used for catching and stinging their prey. Ctenophores can be found at sandy areas or even sitting on sea cucumbers.Info from Critters @lembeh;